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Rich's Web Design of Kernersville, Greensboro and Winston-Salem can design or upgrade your web site in a professional, creative and imaginative manner. If you take the time to look through the clients you will see sites that are individual, clean and built properly so that search engines will find them. Small and medium-sized business web sites are aggressively maintained. If determining your ROI is important, and it should be, contact us ASAP!
  Rich's Web Design - Latest News      
November 2015
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  • Is Traditional SEO Dead?  Far From It!

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  • How do I make my site appear first in Google Search results?
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  • June 2015
  • Significant Rankings Improvements!
  • Further Importance of Reviews
  • Letter to All RWD Clients
    100% of Rich's Web Design clients are now MOBILE FRIENDLY!
    APRIL 2015

    With a few days to spare before the April 21st Google 'Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update', 100% of Rich's Web Design clients are now MOBILE-FRIENDLY! This is a significant achievement and has been a goal of RWD for some 12 months+. With Google's pre-announcement, it became a necessity for all sites to be mobile friendly. There may be some other design firms that can make this same claim, but we have not heard of any so far...

    April 2015
  • 99% of RWD Clients are Mobile Friendly
  • Reports (Google Analytics & Rankings) Now Easier to Understand
  • UPDATE - Google Warning for April 21st
  • Oct. 2014
  • Another Google Panda Update
  • Google Wants All Sites to Be Secure!
  • What is 'https://... ' ?
    Earlier 2014 ...
  • Google's Pigeon Update - Fighting Local SPAM
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  • What is RWD? - Why Should We Use It? - Costly?
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  • Why do I Need FRESH Content?
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  • Your Facebook Business Page - Why This Matters?
  • Web Reviews - What Are these? How Do We Get Them?
  • Understanding Your Monthly Google Analytics Reports
  • The Importance of Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local & Yelp
  • Top 10 Reasons a Website Fails To Perform
  • "What Should You Look For In An SEO Firm?"

  •   Responsive / Mobile Friendly Web Design      

    Responsive Design - Mobile FriendlyResponsive Design / Mobile Friendly Web Design is a term that describes designing your site, changing your site so that it renders properly on all devices. Does your web and mobile site work properly across all devices? Do you know how your site appears in the major MOBILE platforms / browsers? How about Google Android? - Apple iOS / iPhone? - IPAD? - Blackberry? - Depending on the layout and size of graphics, your site may look perfect on your PC, laptop, but not sized properly for any of the above MOBILE devices.

    Contact Us - for your own Responsive / Mobile Friendly Design!

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  

    Higher Rankings S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) is an important aspect of designing a professional site. In order for the search engines to list your site, it must be built correctly and maintained constantly to keep the highest possible placements. Some of the items in an effective SEO strategy include "Enhancing Link Popularity", "Social Media Presence ", "META Tags", and having a "Clean Design".

    Monthly Rankings Reports are created and sent to all clients that desire this report. Contact Us - for higher rankings!

      Google Analytics Reports - Monthly Site Statistics      

    google-analytics-icon.pngAt the begining of each month, Google Analytics Reports are created and sent to clients. Google Analytics is the industry’s leading web statistics application that will show you valuable statistics (good and bad) about visitors to your own web site. This report will show you various metrics including the number of visitors your site received the previous month, what search phrases they used to find your site, how many people filled out your Contact Us form (if applicable), and many other items.

    Rich is also a Google Analytics Certified Professional.

    "Rich's Web Design of Kernersville, Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem, NC."
    Your North Carolina web designer for quality SEO & graphic design services!"

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