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Key Points from Internet Summit 2013 Internet Summit 2013

This past month, I attended the 6th annual Internet Summit in Raleigh. Here are some major points that were discussed that may be of interest to you and your web presence.

SEO Experts -
  • Engage your community with good content’ – If you have good news, share it.
    Obtain good links from sources like … suppliers, vertical directories, clients, etc.  Quality of links will outperform quantity of links.
  • Google’s Hummingbird Update was a major change in Google’s search logic’ – It is based more on conversation logic, where semantics and implied content drives the search results.  In other words, Google is trying to determine what you THINK you want, in a search.

  • Email -
  • Email is not dead, just another channel to share your news. 
  • Capture your readers’ attention in 8 seconds! Each email should have one goal!  Tell your story.

  • Social media (FB, Twitter, G+, YouTube, etc.) -
  • If you do not tell your (business) story in social media (FB, Twitter, G+, YouTube, etc.), your business will die
  • Every business is in the media business’ – Promote your message in ALL platforms!
  • Respect the social media platform you are using. (Use it properly)
  • Social media is similar to yesterday’s word of mouth
  • Share content’ – Communicate w/ the world, ask questions.
  • Good content gets shared’ – Let the world know what you (your business) is doing.

  • Mobile Web -
  • Design for mobile first’ – Simple messages, direct content, properly sized navigation / menus
  • Ergonomics should guide mobile design’ - White space is most important in mobile design.
  • Mobile SEO is based on local intent’ – Provide local offers, local interests


    Overlapping Circles of SEO

    SEO-Circles200.png1. Great content - Having only great content will make for a nice site, but no one will know about it.
    2. Good social presence - Your info will be known around your circles, but no where else.
    3. Many links - Your business may be linked to from many places, but not much info to share or of any interest.
    4. Good content & many links - You have good content and have many links, but your message is not being amplified in the social media world.
    5. Good content and good social presence - You have good content and many social contacts, but without authoritative links, the search engines will not rank you high.
    6. Good social presence and many links - You have good social connections and many links, but your content may be weak and not complete.
    7. Good content, social presence and many links - WINNER! You have great content, many related / authoritative companies link to your site AND this information is constantly being shared in the SOCIAL communities of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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