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"With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?"

The "mass-mailing" virus first caught the world's attention when Melissa hit back in March of 1999. Here's how it works: you receive an email with an infected attachment from a recognizable email address. When the attachment is opened, the virus plants itself on your machine (Melissa had the additional effect of infecting your word template) AND sends a copy of itself on to every entry (or a partial list) in your address book. Now you've unintentionally passed a nasty bug on to all your friends, family and/or co-workers not to mention potential business partners or customers!

How do you protect yourself or your company's reputation? Follow these simple rules:

  1. Get reputable anti-virus software.

  2. Keep this software UP-TO-DATE with weekly updates!

  3. If you don't know the sender of an email, don't open it.

  4. Set up email to view messages in rich text or plain text formats only and turn off Windows Scripting Host.

  5. Question the unexpected. If you don't normally get jokes or attachments from your mother, then don't open one without checking with her first. In fact, even if the attachment appears "harmless", check it out with a phone call if you were not expecting it. Many viruses not only come from email addresses you know, but the attachment can look familiar to you by taking on common file names found on victims' PCs.

  6. Visit McAfee.com's Virus Information Library or our homepage regularly for up-to-date information on recent threats.

It's important to take time to learn more about computer security and to ensure that everyone at your home or business understands and agrees to follow the same precautions.

Next time, we're going to talk about how your anti-virus software works, the basics of maintaining it (and why this is SO important), and who to call when you need some help.

Safe & Happy Computing!

January - Search Engine News! (Whew, It's BIG!)From www.SearchEngineNews.com

Yahoo switches to annual pricing rates (See below!) Yahoo announced a significant change in their Express Submission pricing structure. Effective December 28th, 2001 (i.e. immediately) they are charging $299 annually, instead of the old one-time-only charge, for all new submissions.
Such new listings that are accepted into the US version of the directory will be automatically billed for the non-refundable annual fee of $299 ($600 adult) every year!!!
Listings already in the Yahoo commercial directory prior to December 28th are (at this time) "grandfathered" in and reportedly will not be charged the annual fee (yet). This billing increase does not affect noncommercial areas of the directory.

Google unveils catalog search feature

As of late December, Google began beta-testing a new mail order catalog feature -- http://catalogs.google.com. The system, as of January 14th, lists 697 catalogs which Google has scanned into their directory for free. Optical character recognition of the scanned pages allows Google to conduct a full text search of the catalog database.
Google's most recent index-update was completed approximately December 29th. The index is including the many pages that were spidered around December 13th, 2001. Sites with a high page rank and/or news content may be updated much faster and more frequently.
December 11th, 2001 Google announced it now provides direct access to 3 billion web documents. This includes web pages, images and newsgroup postings.

MSN tests Overture

The biggest change this month is the testing -- scheduled to occur between January 8th and February 28th -- at MSN of Overture's paid listings results within the top 3 results.
As an example of one of their test search terms, try "Cars" to get a look at the new results. You'll find the top five MSN "Featured Sites" listings appear first -- followed by "Sponsored Sites" which are the top 3 Overture ads. Next comes the Direct hit link, then LookSmart Directory listings and finally listings from Inktomi.

HotBot No major changes at HotBot this month.

AltaVistaNo major changes at AltaVista this month.


Sadly, but not surprisingly, we announce the death of Excite and the removal of its updates from our newsletter after this month's issue. Since the bankruptcy of it's parent company, Excite@home, and its sale in late November 2001, Excite has a new owner and becomes the latest major engine to reemerge as an Overture pay-per-click clone.

Lycos / FAST - Fast releases new spam policy

Recently FAST released a new spam policy that attempts to control what shenanigans webmasters can and can't get away with. We're interpreting it as a veiled pronouncement they're attempting to automate some of their spam detection strategies.
Spam - "material which is not intended to be of interest to people and often consists of Page Spam and Spam Stuffing. This includes material that is repeated an unreasonable number of times. Spam is generally placed on the web in order to increase traffic to certain sites, most often commercial sites."

DMOZ - Open Directory

AOL search has dropped, at least temporarily, the ODP portion of it's search results. Search results now come from both Overture and Inktomi, but will likely change in the near future. We expect to see ODP brought back into the search results after they finish work to improve the AOL search engine's results.
AOL's search engine does spider pages that are listed in ODP for its search results. These results previously were the top results (after Overture paid ads) in the AOL search result listings.


If you've been procrastinating getting your submissions into LookSmart, we suggest you get moving. Since Yahoo recently changed to an annual payment charge ($299 per year), we expect LookSmart to follow suite at any moment.

Overture / GoTo.com

In November Overture completed a major deal with Yahoo (see article above) and is poised to receive a great deal of Excite's traffic via InfoSpace/Dogpile.
These changes, when added to Overture's already impressive contribution to its partner's top listings, make it an engine of substantial importance.

Keyword Density Analyzer! - Check it Here!

The world of search engine positioning has become quite a cutthroat place lately. People building multiple doorway pages, invisible keyword stuffing, meta tag abuse - the list goes on and on. One of the few areas left where people can't really fool a search engine regarding what a page is about is in the body copy itself.

High search engine ranking requires your pages to maintain optimimum word depth and keyword density. Keyword density is the ratio of a keyword or keyphrase to the total words (depth) on a page. Keyword density is a critical aspect of search engine optimization. To rank highly, your keyword density must not be too high or too low. A density of 1% to 7% is generally considered good.

Here are 3 choices:
Enter your full URL here:

. . . OR . . .

Where does your site appear in the 100's of search engines?

I have been looking for a long time, and have now found an ideal program that does a great job of analyzing your site and where it falls in the many MANY search engines out there in the world. It is called "RankMeter"! It quickly takes the keywords you wish, scans 334 search engines and the results are provided in a table form. It can be viewed or saved in an HTML format or in Excel as a spreadsheet.

Above you will see a condensed version of www.RichsWebDesign.com and how it shows up on 10 search engines. I have used the keyword phrases (or one can use single words)"web design Kernersville", "Kernersville web design", and "winston-salem web design" ... just to show you! If I wanted to do this manually, even just this shortened version, it would take 3-4 hours of time, and cause quite a headache! Both you and I can use these results to find out where we need to resubmit your site, or re-work your keywords, etc.!

I have purchased this program, so I can offer this service to you for a very VERY inexpensive cost. You provide me with as many keywords or phrases you wish,

(For example: www.DebbiesStaffing.com might want to know how they rank on "Winston-salem jobs","Greensboro Jobs","Jobs NC","Charlotte Jobs","Secretarial Jobs","industrial jobs", or even "jobs") I will run the program and send you the results ... Even monthly if you wish! For a low cost of $30.

Call me and you will see your site report within 1 day! 336-408-9075

Link Popularity - Check Your Site Out Here!

Because good link popularity can dramatically increase traffic to your web site. Well placed links are an excellent source of consistent and targeted traffic. And due to recent developments, they can even generate additional search engine traffic to your site.

Many of the major search engines now factor Link Popularity into their relevancy algorithms. As a result, increasing the number of links to your site can actually improve your search engine rankings. There is still no one "secret trick" to getting good rankings, but boosting your site's popularity may give it the edge it needs.

Knowing who links to your site, and increasing the number of links, is an important part of any web site promotion effort. This free service queries Google, Altavista, and Hotbot and reports on link popularity.

See who links to your web site.
Note: If your Alta Vista or HotBot results are "0", that does NOT mean that you are not listed on Alta Vista! Click on the related link to see the actual results!

Note ... For Rich's Web Design clients: Go to "www.yoursite.com/clients.htm" and you will see a list of links to all of our sites .... Hmmmm?? What does this mean? This means that your site is already linked-to from +/-23 other active sites. And if you understand search engines, you know that it will take a while to show-up on search engine "link popularity" reports, like the one above.

Now Charging Annual Listing Fee! ( From www.SearchEngineWatch.com )

Yahoo is now requiring that new sites seeking to be listed in its commercial areas pay an "annual listing" fee of $299. Previously, the fee had been a one-time charge. The change transforms Yahoo from being a web guide to an online yellow pages, to some degree.

Yes, Yahoo has charged a mandatory listing fee for its commercial areas since November 2000. But that fee was relatively inexpensive, a one-off payment and initially created as an optional choice in February 1999 to help Yahoo deal with the criticism that it took too long for sites to get listed within it. The change to an annual fee reverses the situation with Yahoo's commercial listings, making them far more advertising in nature than editorial. As with yellow pages, if an advertiser refuses to pay the annual Yahoo listing fee, they will be dropped. That is not something that happens in an editorial scenario, where sites deemed to be important are retained, regardless of payments received.

It's important to note that the change only impacts the commercial areas of Yahoo, what it has been calling for the past several months the "Yahoo Commercial Directory." Non-commercial areas still have the $299 listing fee requirement, but it looks like it will only be a "one-time fee". Web sites -- even commercial sites with non-commercial content -- can submit to appropriate non-commercial categories and do indeed get accepted.

For site owners, paying the annual fee is still likely to be well worth the cost. Yahoo continues to deliver plenty of traffic to web sites. Being listed within it remains a must. Pay the submission fee, and if you don't feel you got the value out of it by the end of the year, then don't renew.

GOOD NEWS! ... The annual fee is only charged for sites submitted on or after December 28, 2001. If you got listed before this, congratulations! You've escaped the annual fee. Yahoo wouldn't say as much, but it is almost certain sites submitted before December 28 have escaped the annual fee for legal reasons. After all, when they signed up, the listing fee was essentially presented as a one time charge...WHEW!!

What does your site look like to a colorblind person?

Roughly 1 in 20 people have some sort of color vision deficiency. The world looks different to these people: they often find it hard to tell red and green things apart. This often means that they sometimes can't see things that 'color normal' people can see. Many pictures, documents and web pages are hard for color blind people to read because the people who designed them didn't think about the problem. "Vischeck" lets them check their work for color blind visibility. It is also interesting to anyone who is just plain curious about what the world looks like if you're color blind.

Here is a site where you enter your URL and it shows you what your site looks like to a colorblind person.


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