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"Search Engine Quiz"
What do you really know about search engines?
Frames, Fees, Tags, Keyword Density, Link Popularity
FLASH, Image Links, URL's, Overture, Google-Dance etc.

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1. Which 2 search engines have been the most important in the last 3-5 years?
Yahoo and AOL
MSN and Yahoo
Yahoo and Google
Google and AOL
2. T or F. All search engines now charge for listings.
2A. Google's PR system is:
a measurement of a site's relative importance.
is partially determined by the number of inbound links.
ranges on a scale from 1-10
can change bi-monthly.
2B. T or F. Google's PR is the most important aspect of search results within Google.
3. What is Link Popularity?
having as many links to your site as possible.
linking to other popular sites.
having many links on your main page.
having as many incoming related links as possible.
4. T or F. META tags are now obsolete.
5. Keyword density is ...
the percentage of keywords to the other words on a page.
having many keywords in the text of your page.
having many keywords in your META tags.
repeating your keywords more than 3 times in your META tags.
6. Proper keyword density should be ...
Search engines do not use keyword density for ranking purposes anymore.
6A. Keyword relevancy is ...
having your keywords match the theme of your site.
having each keyword relate to each other.
having all of your keyword relate to your keywords in your META tags.
all of the above.
6B. T or F. Your should have as many domain names with your keywords as possible, pointing to your main site.
7. T or F. Text links are better for the search engines than image links.
8. The TITLE tag is ...
what shows at the very top of your browser's window,
the upper most text on your page.
the most important HTML item.
the largest text, usually at the top of your page.
9. Which URL's work better for search engines than the others?
10. Frames web sites are ...
Bad, Bad, Bad
confusing for the search engine robots.
are necessary for some large sites.
... should be avoided.
11. FLASH should be used ...
mainly in logos and large graphics.
mainly for smaller graphics.
for text links.
for entire sites.
12. T or F. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a one-time design item and is not necessary to maintain.
13. Yahoo! Search Marketing (Formerly OVERTURE) search engine ...
let's you bid for keyword / keyword phrases.
allows the top 3 bids to show up at the top of Yahoo, MSN and AltaVista search results.
operates as a PPC (pay-per-click) search engine.
all of the above.


14. T or F. When one submits a site to a search engine, it is guaranteed that your site will appear.
15. Which search engine has the widest spread of influence throughout the other search engines?
Overture (Now Yahoo! Search Marketing)
AOL Search
16. What kind of designer should you hire?
A high priced firm that has thousands of customers.
Your Uncle Joe who can do it for FREE
Someone who has just learned HTML and wants to try some things on your company's site first.
A company that contacted you and "GUARANTEES" top ten listings for $19.95 per month without even knowing your business.
A firm who will give you excellent personalized service, knows the ever-changing search engine world and has many satisfied clients.
17. What is a "Google-Dance"?
A daily spidering of all Web sites by the Google Bot
Usually occurs monthly and lasts for 2-5 days
When Google "tweaks" is algorithm by spidering all sites multiple times.
Monthly index update of the Google search engine.
18. True or False - The Google-Dance is the best time to update your site, so that Google's spiders can see activity and give your site a better Page Ranking.

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