Below are a few iStock initial pics that we may wish to use on the site.  Also shown are some initial ideas for a logo. We may want to use these images until we have some real photos of the actual group.  Most of these I obtained from iStock searches – Orchestra, Orchestra Musicians, or Chamber Orchestra.  Some iStock images are a few $$’s ($12-$14), some are a bit more pricey ($30).

(The 1st 3 images are suggestions for logos – Click for larger images!)

I have narrowed down the designs that I feel would be professional, attractive, have nice menus / navigation, etc.  All of these below are extremely adjustable and have MANY sections on each front page; We will not need all main page sections!  Look these over for overall impressions, layouts, menus and send me your choice.  ** You should also look at these on your mobile device to see how they will look on your smartphone, etc.

As you look through the choices below, do not let the large images, colors or content sway your opinion of one design over another.  ALL images and content will be custom for your project.  Most of these have large main page slider animations; these can be made smaller or removed completely.   Don’t let the design subject (lawyer, church, political) effect your decision.

Some designs show MANY main page section; We may NOT need all of these main page sections. Look for overall layout appearance, how the menus functions, etc.  Once you decide which one you prefer, I will purchase the design and then start building your site – 1st choice – 2nd choice – (2/3rds of the way down the page is the video – You can pause it!)