Rich’s Web Design – Nov. Newsletter
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– What is a Conversion? – 
WordPress-Security-ProfessionalWordPress Maintenance (Proactive Security, Backups, Malware Prevention)
WordPress web sites are becoming more and more time consuming on a weekly / daily basis to keep up with the following items:
1. Plugin Updates
2. Backups
3. Security Updates
4. Performance Optimization

5. Malware prevention / cleanup

Websites aren’t paintings that you hang up on the wall after they’re complete; they are an investment that needs to be looked after to keep the positive ROI.

With WordPress maintenance, I am pledging time to be your client’s website “bodyguard.” If anybody messes with your business, I’m going in there, guns blazing. Otherwise, you’ll sit quietly in the corner, keeping one eye shut and the other on the door.

Yes, this is different than regular ‘site maintenance’, which has been outlined in your contracts. ‘Site maintenance’ has been focused on making changes to content / images on your current pages. Changes prices, changing content, adding fresh news are all examples of your existing ‘site maintenance’ agreement. WordPress Maintenance deals with security, backups, prevention and keeping up with various plugin updates.

WordPress web sites are constantly being hacked, or rather are ATTEMPTED to be hacked on a daily basis. WordPress security is all about proactivity. You know what they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially on the web. Most WP attacks initiate from Russia, China, France, India, Ukraine and the good ol’ USA.


Password Security

I have discussed the importance of password security in the past, but now comes 2FA. 2FA is simply ‘two-factor authentication‘ which relies on a second step – typically your smartphone – to validate logins and verify that you are the owner of any given account. If your banking systems, or other financial accounts offers this, you should take advantage of this added security.

Under normal circumstances, an individual who successfully gains access to your email account could potentially find the login information for your store and other accounts. But with 2FA, they won’t have the ability to physically validate the logins and gain access.
What is a Conversion?  Web Site Goals? 
As I talked about last Feb., and November, a ‘Conversion’ is an action that your customer should take when landing on your web site. Is the important goal of your web site, to gather leads with a CONTACT US form? Is your goal to have a visitor MAKE a PURCHASE? Is it to download a white paper?
Do you know your conversion rate? This is the percentage of your visitors that convert. All of these can easily be tracked in Google Analytics, as they can easily be shown in your Monthly Reports.