Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)! … What is this new acronym? Haven’t we had enough abbreviations? Why do we need another new one? Even thought TCO is similar to ROI (Return of Investment), it is not a new idea. Simply compare the cost of investing in a new or redesigned web site to the improved business you receive from the new site, and you have your ROI. TCO is a bit different!

Look at HP’s elaborate explanation of what TCO is. Look at Compaq’s even longer explantion. Gateway explains thusly. This is what Sybase has to say on TCO. Why are they relating total cost to just servers and pieces of hardware? Shouldn’t there also be a way to determine the TCO of your company’s web site?

Userland is about the only company that actually discusses TCO and how it is related to your Web site. But let’s look at their specifics:

3. Build graphical templates for the site ($0 to $5,000 depending on the number or complexity of the templates desired) …
4. Set-up the Website (<$250 in time) …
5. Maintain the Website for one year (<$250 to $1,000) …
TCO ($3,900 to $12,400).
Build a Website with another content management system … TCO ($74,000 to $315,000)
WOW! Do any of those numbers scare you? Sure, Interland is a big company that deals with custom software creation for large corporations, and I am sure they do a great job for their existing clients. But what about smaller clients? What should they expect?

Before we go into the pricing details, let’s just create a simple explanation for the TCO “Total Cost of Ownership” of your business’ web site.


Design Cost
Search Engine Submission
Site Maintenance
= Equals =
Cost for 1st Year
– Anticipated Profits
= Equals =
TCO for the 1st Year!
Search Engine Maintenance
Site Maintenance
= Equals =
Cost for 2nd Year
– Profits
= Equals =
TCO for the 2nd Year, and beyond!

If your “profits” from your site are larger than the “initial or annual costs” then your TCO will be less than $0. The greater your profits and the less you have to pay for your services, the better you will sleep at night! Do you want to lose sleep wondering if your $20,000 – $50,000 – $75,000 web site will turn a profit the first year. You shouldn’t have to!

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