newsletterlogoNOVEMBERGoogle Ranking Factors 2019 – What’s Most Important?  

Every year, since 2005, Rand Fishkin has published his ‘Google Ranking Factors’ and this year’s report is based on test results and input of 1000’s of SEO experts. Full Report Here!


1. PAGE CONTENT – We discuss this repeatedly that ‘Content is King’ and is Google’s #1 ranking factor.

2. INBOUND LINKS – The more related web sites that link to your site, the better you will rank for your targeted search phrases.

3. KEYWORD PHRASES – Research driven targeted search phrases should be included in the content of your site and is STILL an important factor.

4. DOMAIN’s AUTHORITY – This is obtained from #1 above over time.

5. MOBILE FRIENDLINESS – If your site is mobile friendly, your site will ranking higher than a non-mobile friendly site.


There are a few other factors that include – Load speed, anchor text, freshness of content, age of your web site, etc. There also some factors that have been DISPROVEN or at least have significant disagreement in the SEO community. These are – keywords in the domain name, use of Google AMP, use of unique images, age of web site, content’s accuracy, etc. Each SEO professional was also asked about the trends moving forward in the next 3 years.

GOOGLE COMPETING w/ PUBLISHERS – Google is perceived as the web search AMAZON which will continually gain strength.

MACHINE LEARNING – Artificial intelligence will quickly be takiing over the search engine world, very soon.

ZERO-CLICK SEARCHES – As you may have noticed, most searches can answer your question(s) without you needing to click to a web site – Google now shows many FAQs on your SERP (Search Engine Results Page).