Nov. – If Your Website Isn’t Accessible
OctGoogle’s Page Experience UPDATE!
SeptReviews & Review Cards
July2021 SEO Periodic Chart
JunePROACTIVE is the Word of the Month
MayMonthly Reports Terms Explained – ‘Google Page Experience’ May Update
April – ‘Site Search Tool’ = Powerful Tool
March – Monitor Your GMB Reviews
Feb – Google My Business – Important – Be Careful
Jan – How is SEO Viewed in 2021



DecDoes site speed influence SEO? Understanding Google Search
Nov.Google Ranking Factors 2019 – What’s Most Important?
Oct.Site Statistics – What’s Most Important?
Sept.Fresh Content – Setting Up a Content Calendar
AugustWhat is Google’s Search Console?
JulyWeb Security Month
JuneMonthly Reports Terms Explained 
MayMonthly Reports Terms Explained 
AprilGoogle My Business – Special Update!
MarchLanding Page SEO | Marketers’ Top 4 Priorities for 2019
Jan. / FebInbound Links, Still Important for Google –  Safe Email Practices, Have a Healthy Suspicion



April – Google My Business – Special Update!
March – Landing Page SEO | Marketers’ Top 4 Priorities for 2019
Jan / Feb. – Inbound Links are Still Important to Google – Safe Email Practices



Dec – Gutenberg Updating
Nov – SEO in 2019, Content for Your Blog, Gutenberg Update on Nov. 19th
Oct – Top 5 WordPress Security Requirements – Steps to Improve your Site Speed
September – Google Guaranteed Ads – What is Gutenberg?
August– Google AdWords, Changing to Google Ads – What Happens When Your Website is Hacked?
July – Monthly Reports Terms Explained – Google Loves Reviews
June – What is GDPR? How will it Affect My Site?
May – WordCamp Raleigh –
April – The Importance of Web Security – Proactive Web Site Security – The Importance of Site Backups
Feb Voice Search – Is Your Site Ready? – Questions that Need to be Asked / Answered Before a Site Design / Redesign – Test My Site (On Google)
Jan – SEO Myths for 2018 – Google Tips for Mobile First Index



Dec – 4 Pillars of an Effective SEO Strategy.
Oct – FAQs, Now Imperative for High Rankings / Traffic | Driving More Traffic
Sept – New Rankings Report Format | Google Analytics Reports | Best WordPress Plugins
August – How SEO is Changing via Mobile, Voice & Social | 11 Items Your WordPress Site Must Include | 6 Things to Check When Rankings Drop
July – What’s the Real Purpose of your Web Site? – Local SEO Checkup – 5 Keys to a Killer Web Site
June – WordPress – Proactive Security – Inbound Links
May – Google Mobile Optimization Factors – Is Your Site ADA Compliant? – Time for a Redesign of your Web Site?
April – BRANDING – Is your Marketing Branding Consistent? – What is branding? – The Worst Logos Ever
March – Chrome SSL | Overall Security | TEDx WakeForestU
February – Google / Chrome & SSL | How to Rank High | What is TTFB? |
January – SEO Mistake in 2017 | Effective Email Newsletters | Google’s Mobile First Index



December – ‘Inbound Links’ – What Are They?  How to Obtain Them.
November – WordPress Maintenance (Proactive Security, Backups, Malware Prevention
October – Selecting Targeted Keywords / Phrases for SEO, What are ‘LSI keywords’?, The Importance of FAQ’s
September – Google Analytics Reports – Getting Yours? – Understand Them?
July – Do You Need a Redesign? Questions to ask yourself and your marketing person.
June – Google Search Console Reports, Chamber BOTM, Google AdWords Changes
May – Local SEO – The Growth Of Direct Answers on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) – What Google Looks for in their Evaluation of Good Content
April – Google’s New Webmaster Guidelines – 6 Signs Your Company Needs a Website Design – Google’s Latest Tool Named ‘Resizer’
March – Monthly Reports Explained – (Rankings & Google Analytics) – SERP’s Top 4 Places Now Ads
February – TEDx Tickets – FREE! – What is a Conversion? – PANTONE Color(s) of the Year 2016

November – Strategy for Creating Better Content – Is Traditional SEO Dead?  Far From It!
September – How do I make my site appear first in Google Search results? – FREE Web Tools – Adding FRESH Content
August – Inbound Links are STILL Important
July – July Rankings Reports – Periodic Table of SEO – Letter to All Clients
June – Significant Rankings Improvements! – Further Importance of Reviews
May – 100% of RWD Clients are Mobile-Friendly – The Importance of Reviews – Mobile Rankings Reports


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