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Fresh Content - Setting Up a Content Calendar

One of Google's top ranking factor is 'Fresh Content'. What defines 'fresh content'? It is simply creating content that is original, creative AND informs your site visitors on a regular basis. What determines 'regular basis'?

For most sites, having content that is updated / added every month is just fine for Google. If you are in a highly competitive field, then every week or so would be necessary.


Be Fresh
Be Relevant
Be Useful

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Your goal should be to create content that will keep visitors interested and coming back to your site. If your site has stale content that does not change in 6-8 months, visitors will determine this quickly and NOT RETURN to your site. If you keep your visitors informed in a timely manner that benefits users, Google will know this and reward you with higher rankings!

I can assist you in determining a Content Calendar. Let's say you are a dental practice, maybe we can set-up ... Jan. 'Why Floss?' ... Feb. 'Is Teeth Whitening Effective?' ... March 'Healthy Teeth for Kids' ... April 'How Nutrition Affects your Teeth', etc. These are subjects that can be repeated yearly and never go out of style.

Let me know if I can help you with your fresh content calendar!

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