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Fresh Content – Setting Up a Content Calendar

One of Google’s top ranking factor is ‘Fresh Content’. What defines ‘fresh content’? It is simply creating content that is original, creative AND informs your site visitors on a regular basis. What determines ‘regular basis’?

For most sites, having content that is updated / added every month is just fine for Google. If you are in a highly competitive field, then every week or so would be necessary.


Be Fresh
Be Relevant
Be Useful

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Your goal should be to create content that will keep visitors interested and coming back to your site. If your site has stale content that does not change in 6-8 months, visitors will determine this quickly and NOT RETURN to your site. If you keep your visitors informed in a timely manner that benefits users, Google will know this and reward you with higher rankings!

I can assist you in determining a Content Calendar. Let’s say you are a dental practice, maybe we can set-up … Jan. ‘Why Floss?’ … Feb. ‘Is Teeth Whitening Effective?’ … March ‘Healthy Teeth for Kids’ … April ‘How Nutrition Affects your Teeth’, etc. These are subjects that can be repeated yearly and never go out of style.

Let me know if I can help you with your fresh content calendar!

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