Landing Page SEO | Marketers’ Top 4 Priorities for 2019

Landing Page SEO for Conversions
A landing page aims to direct readers down a specific path, focusing them on your CTA (call to action) without offering other distractions. Is it possible to create a compelling / high-converting landing page that also ranks well in search engines? YES!
In an ideal world, all your landing pages would rank well for their targeted keywords in Google and convert people like crazy. But that’s not guaranteed to happen. It rarely does.
Does your main and other important pages drive traffic to your products or Contact Us form? Let’s make sure this occurs!


Marketers’ Top 4 Priorities for 2019
It’s important to sit down at the start of each year and figure out exactly what you want—or rather need—to focus on first.
Because, as any marketer can tell you, prioritization is a tricky beast. There’s always so much that you could be doing, it’s hard to know what you should be doing.
Priority #1: Improving Page Speed – Let’s get rid of the LARGE images that slow down your main page. If your site does not load within 3-4 seconds (2-3 seconds on mobile) then you will lose your visitor.
Priority #2: Fresh Website Content – Let’s put your Facebook postings on your site. Send people FROM your Facebook postings – ‘Read More’ to your web site!
Priority #3: Refining Ad Targeting – Google clearly states that slow page speeds will have a direct and negative impact on “your Ad Rank, and therefore your CPC and position in the ad auction.
Priority #4: A/B Testing – A/B testing is a great way to see what’s working (or not) on any given page.