Pay per click advertising programs get your web site placed high in the search engines’ sponsored results. The most effective program is Google Ads, which supply their top pay per click listings to virtually all of the most-used engines. We bid for rankings, and pay the bid amount when a visitor clicks through and goes to your site. Depending on the competitiveness of your keyword, keywords or keyword phrases, your pay-per-click amount may be as low as $0.20 per click. For more competitive words or phrases, naturally the price is more. For ‘NYC Real Estate’ your cost may be $30 per click; For ‘Medical Insurance’ your cost may be $45 per click … It just depends on the competitiveness of your phrases.

Here is an example of a search results page (SERP) for the phrase – CRNA Seminar:

PPC AdWords Example

A few things to note – AdWords PPC Ad is clearly shown – The site URL is shown – A phone# should be listed – 1-2 lines to entice a person to click, all practicing proper AdWords guidelines and procedures!

Brick & MortarLet’s use a “brick & mortar” gift shop as an example.

You have just opened a brand new gift shop that specializes in Hummels and spiritual nic-naks. The front of your store is very attractive and when a customer walks in, it looks like a gift shop should. It is organized so that each area is clearly defined and the check-out process is logical. You have contacted the local “Yellow Pages” and other phone companies and will be in the new phone books, coming out in 2 months.

The above example shows that you have “OPTIMIZED” your shop … or new web site. Your new web site also looks attractive, is logically layed-out and functions properly. You will now show up somewhere in the search engines, hopefully near the top. This may be fine, but do you need advertising?

To market your gift shop, you might want to purchase some air-time ads on a local radio station or even TV station. You should be careful which station you choose, what time of day, and what type of ad to use. You might want to decorate your delivery van in bright colors. All of these items cost $$ and sometimes works, sometimes does not.

SEM “Search Engine Marketing” is taking your well-oiled web site and purchasing advertising. At the present, the best advertising program for web sites is Google-Ads. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising targets to the exact keyword phrase you wish. If you want to attract people in NC who might be interested in Hummels, you might want to purchase ads for the phrase, “NC Hummel figurines”, or “Hummel North Carolina”. This way when a person on Google, etc. does a search for “Hummel figurines in NC”, your ad will show up at the top of the screen. If that person decides to click your ad, then it would take them to your site. You might have to pay based on $.20 per click.

Would it be a good idea to SEM without SEO? Probably not. It’s like advertising your new gift shop, before you have carefully layed out your shop. Do you want visitors BEFORE your shop is ready? Probably not. Do you want visitors to your new web site BEFORE it is optimized and organized? Probably not.

Our pay per click advertising program services include:

Search Term Research – Campaign Recommendation – 

Title & Description Concepts – Titles & Descriptions Tailored

Campaign Placement – Monitoring & Reporting

google_smallPay per click advertising program services cost are up to you, the business owner. The process can take as little as one week. Ongoing Support & Reporting is recommended, but never required.

Note that the fees charged by the pay per click engines are in addition to Rich’s Web Design’s fees. A budget cap will be set in advance, and these fees are never marked up in any way.

At Rich’s Web Design, we approach everything from a strategic marketing point of view. Our search engine marketing services are always tailored to your business’ unique goals and needs. We perform search engine marketing the ethical way and follow the industry’s best practices.

Google Ads / PPC definitions:




Keywords are words and phrases that you want to appear for when they are searched for on Google.
Match Type This is how keywords trigger your adverts.
  Currently there 4 different match types:
Broad Only one word in this keyword match type has to be present to trigger an ad. E.g. Dog Trainers could trigger an advert for Nike Trainers.
BMM +Broad +Match +Modifier allows your advert to be triggered no matter the order the words are searched in so long as all words are present.
Phrase “Phrase” match means that the searcher has to type in the words in the same order, but other words can be searched either side.
Exact [Exact] Match means that the search term has to be typed in precisely the same before the keyword triggers your ad to be shown.
Negative Keywords These are the searches that you don’t want to appear for.
Search Terms The searches that actually triggered your adverts to be shown.
Ad Advert. Also known as Ad Copy.
Headline Must be no longer than 25 characters. This is the Blue hyperlink in Google Search results
Description Line 1 Must be no longer than 35 characters.
Description Line 2 Must be no longer than 35 characters.
Display URL This is the URL you show on Google. This is only superficial though only the first part of the address has to be the same.
  e.g. could be shown as
Dest. URL Destination URL/Landing Page is the web address people will arrive at after they click on an advert.
Landing Page See Above.
Ad Group A group of Adverts & their correlating Keywords.
Avg. Pos The Average Position your advert was shown in. (the lower the number, the higher the position on the search results)
Impr. Impressions: The number of times your adverts were displayed on Google.
Clicks The number of people that have clicked on your advert.
CTR Click Through Rate = The percentage of people who saw your advert and clicked on it. Calculated by dividing Clicks by Impressions.
CPC Cost Per Click.
Max CPC Your bid.
Actual CPC How much you actually paid of a click.
Avg. CPC Average cost per click.
Default Max. CPC Adgroup Level determined Max CPC. (This bid is only used if you have not set a keyword level bid)
Display Network Max CPC Self-explanatory really, this is your bid on the display network.
Est. First Page Bid Google recons you should spend more money. Look at your Quality Score before increasing your bids to their recommendations.
Est. Top Page Bid Google recons you should spend more money. Look at your Quality Score before increasing your bids to their recommendations.
Quality Score This is basically a score to grade how relevant your adverts and landing page are to your keywords.
  Many factors go into grading this though and it is well worth reading up on.
Labels These can be used throughout your campaigns to tag your keywords, adverts, campaigns and adgroups with useful information.



Conv. Conversion -A useful yard stick to measure the success of your campaign.
  This could be a phone call, sale, contact form completion, view of a key web page, Analytics Goal, etc.
Conv. 1-per-click 1 click – 1 conversion.
Conv. many per click 1 click – many conversions! User comes back & buys again (has to be within 30 days and without clicking on an advert again)
Conv. Rate The percentage of people who visited & converted.
Cost/Conv The amount of money spent per conversion.
View-Through Conv. Visitors who have seen but not clicked on your advert. Most relevant to Display Network and Remarketing campaigns.


The Google Display Network: A vast number of websites that permit Google advertising.
CPM Cost Per Mille: Advertising cost per thousand views.
Placements Specific websites you can choose to target.
Topics Collections of websites grouped by a common theme.
Reach The number of individuals that adverts can be displayed to.
Frequency The number of times an individual is exposed to an advert.

Ad Extensions


Social This ad-extension links your business’ Google+ page to your adverts. This is displayed as a +1 Image & The number of followers.
Call Your number can be displayed alongside your advert. This is also incredibly useful for mobile searches.
Location Enables your address to be shown below your advert & a marker appears on a map. Especially when Google Places is linked.
Site Links Blue links appear below your advert. Use these to show other pages & offers individuals may be interested in.
Offer Enables you to show vouchers & codes available to customers.
Communication Brings up a box below your ad that enables people sign up to newsletters etc.
Product Ext. Automatically displays products that are relevant to the searchers enquiry. Your Google Merchant Centre must be linked with Adwords.


Linking your analytics to Adwords brings a wealth of information that can aid your campaigns.
Bounce Rate The percentage of people that immediately leave a website after arrival.
Avg. visit duration The average length of time a visitor stays on your site.
Pages/Visit The average number of pages visited per visitor.
% of new visits The % of people who are new to your website.


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